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How'd we get here?

Sometimes the perfect idea finds you…

Our friend Brittanie saw a luxury picnic set up from California on her Instagram feed and realized that this was an underserved market in our area. Looking for a strategic partner, she approached Onilee with the idea of starting a luxury picnic business in Jacksonville.

And so, it started. Onilee and Brittanie formulated a plan, bought supplies, recruited our husbands, created a website, thought of a name, created social media accounts, and started taking pictures. We jumped in headfirst with no experience and a lot of enthusiasm. Our early picnics were a labor of love, as we were learning as we went.

After much thought and consideration, Brittanie decided that she didn’t enjoy the picnics as much she hoped she would. She wanted to pursue other passions that would bring her joy the way picnics brought joy to Onilee. We offered to buy her out of her half of the business and formally added Zach as a co-owner. It was an amicable split. We still talk to Brittanie every day and she is our biggest supporter. We love you, B!

So, here we are 2 years later. Officially licensed and insured as 904 Picnic Company. A small husband – wife team with big dreams of one day owning our own venue and expanding this little business that we didn’t anticipate starting. We hope you follow along for the ride.

Follow us on social media. Subscribe to our site so you don’t miss any blog posts or upcoming events. And if you see us out in public in our bright pink shirts, please stop us and say “Hey, Friends”!

Catch you later!

Onilee & Zach

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