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Meet the Owners

If you follow us on social media, then you already know a little about us.

We are a husband-wife team, we love visiting local breweries, tacos are our primary food choice, and we can't get enough of the beach!

Curious to know more about us? Let's get personal!

Meet Onilee:

  • Still has a corporate Monday to Friday 9 to 5 career that she enjoys

  • Manages all of our social media accounts

  • Was born & raised in the peachy state of Georgia

  • Purchases all the decor & plans each event design to match the client's expectations

  • Enjoys painting, reading, & traveling as often as she can

  • Dream is to open our own event venue. Small steps lead to big dreams!

Meet Zach:

  • Built all of our low boho picnic tables

  • Left his career in grocery management to be a full time picnic-peneur

  • Makes up for Onilee's aversion to cooking by cooking incredible meals for our family each night

  • Manages the majority of the scheduling and coordination with each client

  • Lives & breathes University of Alabama football #RollTide

  • Enjoys playing golf whenever he can

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