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January was just a practice month.

I have a confession….

I was not prepared for 2024.

As an entrepreneur, setting goals and planning ahead is a big part of setting yourself up for success. AND I DID NOT DO IT. Instead, I took a month off from my responsibilities as a business owner. What started as a little R&R turned into: “OMG! January is almost over!” real fast!

This week we have been in overdrive trying to make up for the lost time. There were emails to respond to, a website to update, so many DMs, and content to plan. I can confirm that we now not only have our goals listed for 2024, but we also have a solid plan on how to reach those goals.


·       Establish brand ambassadors & a referral program

·       Repeat customer discounts

·       Help other entrepreneurs

·       Pop up events in other cities & grow into new markets

·       More behind the scenes in stories, TikTok, and on the blog

·       Better connect with our customers on a more personal level

·       Update inventory

·       KEEP THE PICNIC STORAGE AREA ORGANIZED (this one probably won’t happen, but it makes me feel good to put it on this list).

Several fun things this year!

In case you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to receive our emails so you’ll be the first in the know. Plus, we have a lot of cool perks for our subscribers this year including giveaways, swag, and special offers that everyone else isn’t privy to. Don’t miss out!

What are your goals this year?

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